Rentschler Field

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Rentschler Field
Rentschler Field (Airport) CT - 23 April 1990.jpg
Rentschler Field (Airport) on 23 April 1990, before its closure and dismantling. The current-day heliport is at the southwest corner of the airfield, the Rentschler Field stadium is at the northeast corner.
Airport type Military
Owner original: United States Army
later: United Technologies
Location East Hartford, Connecticut
Elevation AMSL 48 ft / 15 m
Coordinates 41°45′12″N 072°37′42″W / 41.75333°N 72.62833°W / 41.75333; -72.62833

Rentschler Field (IATA: EHTFAA LID: CT88) was an airport in East Hartford, Connecticut in use from 1933 to 1999. Originally a military facility, later a private corporate airport, it was decommissioned in 1999, after which the football stadium of the same name was built on the site. From 1930 to 1939, the Chance Vought Aircraft Corporations's manufacturing facility was located here, as was the Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Company and the Hamilton Standard Propellers Corporation.[4]


During World War II the airfield was used by the United States Army Air Forces First Air Force as a fighter base, providing coastal air defense over the Atlantic Ocean. After the war, the airfield was returned to civilian use.

Rentschler Field was decommissioned as an airport and donated to the state of Connecticut by United Technologies in 1999. Part of the former airport became the University of Connecticut's new football stadium, Rentschler Field.

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