The Republic of Tea

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The Republic of Tea
Industry Beverage
Founded 1992
Founder Mel and Patricia Ziegler and Bill Rosenzweig
Headquarters Novato, CA, USA
Products Speciality Teas
Owner Ron Rubin

The Republic of Tea is a privately owned American company that blends and markets organic[1] and exotic teas from around the world. The Republic of Tea is known for packaging its loose teas[2] and tea bags[3] in tall, cylindrical tea tins. It was one of the first companies to offer varieties such as rooibos red tea,[4] white tea,[5] and tea seed oil to American consumers.

The Republic of Tea is based in Novato, California, and has its major production factory located in Nashville, Illinois near St. Louis. In its marketing and labeling of tea The Republic of Tea company designates its employees as "ministers", customers as "citizens" and retail outlets as "embassies".

The company was founded in 1992, by entrepreneurs Mel and Patricia Ziegler with Bill Rosenzweig after selling their interest in the original Banana Republic stores, which the Zieglers co-founded. The founders of the company wrote a book detailing their experiences while starting a new tea business. In 1994, the Zieglers and Rosenzweig sold the company to Ron Rubin, who had previous wine and beverage industry experience, under whom the Republic of Tea has grown into a nationally recognized brand in specialty tea sales.

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