Restiform Bodies (band)

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Restiform Bodies
Genres Alternative hip hop
Indie hip hop
Years active 2000–present
Labels Anticon, Weapon-Shaped, 6months
Associated acts Bat Rays
Members Passage
Telephone Jim Jesus

Restiform Bodies is an alternative hip hop trio based in San Francisco, California. It consists of rapper Passage and producers Bomarr and Telephone Jim Jesus. The band is currently signed to Anticon.[1]


Passage and Bomarr (then known as The Bomarr Monk) self-released the album Moods & Symptoms in 2000.[2] Soon after, Passage formed Restiform Bodies with his high school friends Bomarr and Telephone Jim Jesus.[3] Their self-titled debut album, Restiform Bodies, was released on 6months in 2001.[4]

In 2002, the band toured across the United States[5][6] and Canada[7] with Sole and Kevin Blechdom.

Restiform Bodies released their Anticon debut, TV Loves You Back, in 2008.[8] In promotion of the album, the band toured nationally with their labelmate Why?.[9]




  • "I Want What You Want" b/w "Recycle America" (2003)

Compilation appearances[edit]


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