Restinga Island

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Restinga Island
LocationParaíba do Norte river
Coordinates7°0′S 34°51′W / 7.000°S 34.850°W / -7.000; -34.850 (Restinga Island)
Area5.8 km2 (2.2 sq mi)
Paraíba state

Restinga Island (Portuguese: Ilha da Restinga) is an estuary island situated in the Paraíba do Norte river, more specifically in the municipality of Cabedelo, Paraíba, Brazil.[1] It encompasses 580 hectares (5,8 km²) and is part of an archipelago comprised by four other smaller islands, namely Stuart, Tiriri, Andorinhas and Eixo.[2]


Coordinates: 6°59′39″S 34°51′29″W / 6.99424°S 34.858°W / -6.99424; -34.858