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Rethink Robotics GmbH
FormerlyHeartland Robotics, Inc.[1]
FoundersRodney Brooks, Ann Whittaker
Key people
Daniel Bunse, CEO since October 2019
ProductsSawyer, Intera, ClickSmart
OwnerHAHN Group GmbH

Rethink Robotics (formerly Heartland Robotics, Inc.[1]) is a robotics company co-founded by Rodney Brooks and Ann Whittaker in 2008.[2] Rethink Robotics is now part of the HAHN Group.

Rethink Robotics has won awards and has been an Edison Awards finalist.[3]

Sawyer collaborative robot
Sawyer, the collaborative robot


Rethink Robotics was founded in 2008[2] as a startup aiming to create low-cost robots.[4] In 2012, they released the robot Baxter.[5] In 2015, they released a smaller and more flexible counterpart to Baxter, Sawyer, that was designed to perform smaller, more detailed tasks.[5]

In 2016, they released their collaborative robots (cobots) worldwide. These robots were designed to be easy to set up and work alongside, rather than replace, humans in factory environments.[6]

In October 2018, Rethink Robotics ceased operations and sold off its assets. Other companies picked up support for the robots.[7]

  • Most of the Rethink Robotics assets were bought by a distributor, the HAHN Group, a German automation specialist.[8][9] HAHN Group acquired all of Rethink's patents and trademarks as well as Rethink's Intera 5 software platform.[10]
  • About 100 Baxter robots and the rights to sell them in North America were bought by Hunan CoThink Robotics Technology Company.[11]

In October 2019, one year after the acquisition of assets through the German HAHN Group, Rethink Robotics launched the new Sawyer BLACK Edition.[12] The headquarters of Rethink Robotics moved from Rheinböllen to Bochum in mid 2020, and signed a partnership with Siemens.[13][14]



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