Retribution Gospel Choir

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Retribution Gospel Choir
Retribution Gospel Choir.jpg
Retribution Gospel Choir in 2013
Background information
Origin Duluth, Minnesota
Genres Indie rock
Labels Caldo Verde Records, Sub Pop
Members Alan Sparhawk
Steve Garrington
Past members Matt Livingston

Retribution Gospel Choir is an indie rock band based in Duluth, Minnesota. Current members of the band include Alan Sparhawk (guitar, vocals, sampler) and Steve Garrington (bass), both of whom are also in the band Low, and Eric Pollard (drums, vocals). Despite sharing the majority of their members, RGC's high-energy performance differs greatly from Low's subdued, minimalist feel. Until 2008, Matt Livingston played bass for the band. Sparhawk's wife Mimi Parker appears on vocals on one Retribution Gospel Choir track as well.


Studio albums
Appear on
  • Twin Town High, Music Yearbook Volume 09 (2007)
  • Leak- Volume #5 (2008)


  • Alan Sparhawk - vocals, guitar
  • Eric Pollard - drums, vocals
  • Steve Garrington - bass
  • Mimi Parker - vocals on "Breaker"
  • Matt Livingston - bass (2007–2008)


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