The Curtain Hits the Cast

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The Curtain Hits the Cast
Studio album by Low
Released 1996
Recorded Jan - Feb 1996
Genre Indie rock, slowcore, dream pop
Length 65:01
Label Vernon Yard Recordings
Producer Steve Fisk
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Long Division
The Curtain Hits the Cast
Secret Name
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars [1]
Pitchfork Media (8.5/10) [2]
Rolling Stone 4/5 stars [3]

The Curtain Hits the Cast was the third full-length album of Duluth, Minnesota minimalist rock band Low, released in 1996. It was recorded at Jon & Stu's, in Seattle. The cover photo shows almost the entirety of Mimi Parker's minimalist drum kit.

"Lust" was released as part of a four-way split 7" (on clear green vinyl) entitled Indie Rock Flea Market, at around the same time. "Dark" is a brief bedtime lullaby. LP-only tracks "Prisoner" and "Tomorrow One" later appeared on the 2004 rarities box set A Lifetime of Temporary Relief: 10 Years of B-Sides and Rarities.

The lyric "One more reason to forget," from "Do You Know How To Waltz?", was later used as a title for one of the band's live albums. A late-'90s live version of that song, performed with then-tourmates Godspeed You! Black Emperor, has been frequently traded online for years by fans of the two bands. Low's performance at the 2013 Rock the Garden concert consisted of a slowed and lengthened version of the song, followed by Alan saying "Drone, not drones"; the performance resulted in mass audience confusion and divisive online discussion. The performance lasted half an hour and was broadcast live on The Current which had been playing cuts of their recent album. Low had performed a more traditional show for The Current at the Fitzgerald earlier in the year.

Following this album, the band's major-label-funded tenure ended and they moved to Kranky.

Track listing[edit]

(All songs written and arranged by Low.)

No. Title Length
1. "Anon" 4:18
2. "The Plan" 3:40
3. "Over the Ocean" 3:47
4. "Mom Says" 5:19
5. "Coattails" 6:51
6. "Standby" 5:09
7. "Laugh" 9:34
8. "Lust" 4:04
9. "Stars Gone Out" 4:26
10. "Same" 2:05
11. "Do You Know How To Waltz?" 14:37
12. "Dark" 0:53


Guest musicians[edit]