Return the Pearl to Thee

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Return The Pearl To Thee (Chinese: 還君明珠) (1987) is a very popular 40 episodes TV series produced by China Television starring Damian Lau and Su Ming-Ming (蘇明明).

The original producer Young Pei-pei reproduced it into a 44 episodes TV series Torn Between Two Lovers (新还君明珠) (2008) in Mainland China starring Dong Jie (董洁) and Li Zhonghan (李宗翰).[1]


Pearl, a daughter of the many wives of a Qing official meet a friend of her boyfriend. The man also loves her and finds himself the arranged husband of the woman and decide to revoke it. He already has a girlfriend. His younger brother, knowing that, tricks to make Pearl marry to him and force the other two to leave. The two take revenge and then find they are wrong.