Reuben David Sassoon

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Reuben David Sassoon
Reuben David Sassoon, Vanity Fair, 1890-09-20.jpg
Caricature in Vanity Fair, 20 September 1890
Died1905 (aged 69–70)
SpouseCatherine Sassoon
Parent(s)David Sassoon
Farha (Hyeem) Sassoon

Reuben David Sassoon, MVO (1835–1905) was an English businessman.


Early life[edit]

Reuben David Sassoon was born in 1835.[1] His father was David Sassoon (1792–1864), a Jewish trader of opium and cotton in China who served as the Treasurer of Baghdad from 1817 to 1829.[1] One of his brothers was Arthur Sassoon (1840–1912).[1]


He worked for his father's company, serving as director of David Sassoon & Co. for East India and China.[2]

By 1865, he also served on the Board of Directors of the China Steamship and Labuan Coal Company alongside T.C. Bruce, Sir J.D. Elphinstone, Harry Borradaile, H.B. Loch, Henry Alers Hankey, William Miller, Edward Pereira, G. Lathom Brown, Alexander Sinclair, James N. Daniel and John Hickie.[3]

He was awarded a Royal Victorian Order.[4]


Together with Abraham Jacob David and Marcus David Ezekiel, he was involved with the Ohel Leah Synagogue near Staunton Street in Hong Kong by 1898.[5]

Personal life[edit]

He was married to Catherine Sassoon (1838–1906).[6] They resided at 7 Queens Gardens (now demolished) in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex.[7] They had 6 children:

He died in 1905.[1] His wife died a year later, in 1906, and she was buried in the Novo Beth Chaim Cemetery in Mile End, East London.[6] Photographers Maull & Fox took his portrait in costume as a Persian prince for the Duchess of Devonshire's 1897 fancy-dress ball. A photogravure of his portrait by Walker & Boutall was printed in an album of portraits of some of the people who attended the ball; a copy of that album now rests in the National Portrait Gallery in London.[1]


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