Rev-Ola Records

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Rev-Ola Records
Parent company PoppyDisc
Founded 1990
Founder Joe Foster
Distributor(s) PoppyDisc/Shellshock/Virtual (US)
Genre Esoterica, pop
Country of origin UK United States
Location Glasgow, Scotland

Rev-Ola Records is a British independent record label formed in 1990 that specializes in reissues, as well as select new releases. The label is headed by Joe Foster, a former child actor and musician/producer. He, along with Alan McGee and Dick Green, formed Creation Records, as well as the band Biff Bang Pow!.


The inspiration for RevOla came from the Creation Records staff's love of finding or compiling old, rare, and bizarre records.[1]

The label was originally a subsidiary of the Creation Records publishing arm, Creation Songs, in which guise it also issued spoken word recordings by William Shatner and Ivor Cutler, as well as first-time reissues by favoured artists, such as Fred Neil and Yma Sumac.

Other executives at RevOla include art director and songwriter Andy Morten, and mastering engineer Norman Blake (of Teenage Fanclub). RevOla is now a subsidiary of the Glasgow-based PoppyDisc label, founded by Foster with Paul Cardow.

Select list of artists on RevOla[edit]


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