Reveal Records

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Reveal Records
Founded 2006 (2006)
Founder Tom Rose
Country of origin U.K.
Location Derby, England
Official website

Reveal Records is a British independent record label. It started life as an independent record store in Derby, England and the label was launched in 2006. The label founder Tom Rose still runs the company.[citation needed]


The record store was opened by Rose in 1999.[1] The store reached its peak in 2005/2006 when it sold virtually every genre of music available on three floors, as well as operating an online outlet. It won Music Week's Best Independent Music Retailer award in 2005. The label was launched in 2006. At this time the music industry was experiencing a decline in sales of physical music formats including CDs.[2] This was one of the reasons that led to the closure of Reveal Records' retail outlet in 2007.[1] Rose continued to operate the Reveal Records record label. The company also books concerts and represent artists for publishing and agency work.

In March 2017, the label celebrated its ten year anniversary with a concert featuring a number of label artists at the Pocklington Arts Centre, Pocklington, York.[3][4]


The label has released music from several artists, starting with Joan As Police Woman of New York City and the Scottish folk singer/guitarist, Kris Drever in 2006. The label has released records by:[5][6]

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