Reverend (band)

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Origin Seattle, Washington, United States
Genres Thrash metal, speed metal, power metal
Years active 1989–1993, 2000–present
Labels Caroline, Charisma, Neck Damage, Rock It Up
Associated acts Metal Church, Heretic, Wayne, Byfist
Website Official Bandsite
Members Rob Steele
Nacho Vara
Marco Villareal
Past members See below

Reverend is an American heavy metal band that was originally based in Seattle, Washington, and is based in San Antonio, Texas. Reverend was formed in 1989 by ex-Metal Church vocalist David Wayne, who took the band's name from his own moniker, which he acquired as the frontman of the "Metal Church". Reverend has gone through many lineup versions since its original inception, and despite David Wayne's death in 2005, the band is still active and continues to play in his honor.


After struggling with drug problems within his current band, David Wayne decided to leave Metal Church in the late '80's and find another group to join. Wayne searched around Los Angeles looking for the best band in which he could participate. He met with ex-W.A.S.P. member Randy Piper and considered joining Piper's band Animal, but Wayne decided against it because Animal was experiencing the same problems which caused his departure from Metal Church.[1]

Around this time, Heretic, the band whose singer recently left to replace Wayne in Metal Church, called David Wayne repeatedly and urged him to at least listen to their songs. Despite being reluctant at first, Wayne eventually met with the members of Heretic at a Denny's restaurant where they played him some of their songs on a tape recorder. Wayne was impressed, and decided that they were the right band for him, thus laying the foundation of Reverend. Wayne later described this ironic episode as a "cosmic joke" on everyone involved.[1]


Current line-up[edit]

  • Robb Steele - Vocals (2009-) (Translucent Existence, Byfist, Bittur Harvest)
  • Jason Martinez - Guitars (2010)
  • Nacho Vara - Guitars (2002-) (Byfist)
  • Marco Villareal - Bass (2010) (United, Byfist)

Former members[edit]

  • David Wayne (1989–2005) (Metal Church, Heathen, Intrinsic, Bastardsun) - RIP 5/10/2005
  • Michael Lance (2006–2009) (Ancient Cross) Michael falletta(2009)
  • Scott Marker (2009)
  • Eric "The Viking" Wayne (2005-2006) (aka El Vikingo) (MISANTHROPIST, Continuum, Beast)
  • Davy Lee (2002–2010) (Byfist) RIP 10/1/2010
  • Chris Nelson (2000–2002) (Faustus, All The Hell Bound)
  • Bill Rhynes (1992-2000) (Astaroth, Mystery Fluid, The Mentors)
  • Brian Korban (1989–1993) (Heretic)
  • Stuart Fujinami (1989–1991) (Heretic)
  • Ernesto F. Martinez (1991–1993) (Resistance)
  • Jay Wegener (2002–2003) (Byfist, Heir Apparent)
  • John Stahlman (2000–2002) (Faustus, All The Hell Bound)
  • Dennis O'Hara (1989–1991) (Heretic, Dreams Of Damnation)
  • Angelo Espino (1991–1993) (Hirax, Once Dead, Dissenter, L.S.N., Uncle Slam, Predator, Anger as Art)
  • Pete Perez (2002) (Leatherwolf, Spastic Ink, Riot, Karian)
  • Brendon Kyle (2004–2008)
  • Mike Falletta - (2008–2010)
  • James Cooper-(1994-1995)
  • Marco Villarreal-(2010)
  • Rick Basha (1990–1991) (Armed Forces)
  • Jason Ian Rosenfeld (1991–1993) (Anthrax)
  • Scott Vogel (1989–1990) (Ray Gunn)
  • Todd Stotz (2000–2003)
  • Jesse Vara (2004–2008) (Byfist)
  • Angel Medellin (2008) (Phansigar)
  • Dave Galbert - (2009–2010)





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