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Origin Japan
Genres Anison
Years active 2008 (2008)–2013
Labels Lantis
Members Kenta Harada
Takayuki Sakamoto
Kenji Terazono
Matoshi Manabe
Shinya Tasaki

Rey is a Japanese band who signed onto the Lantis label in 2008. They are described as the "real anison band" (本気のアニソンバンド, honki no anison bando) for their performances of anime theme songs. Front man Kenta Harada claims that their band's name comes from both Hironobu Kageyama's band Lazy and the anime character Rei Ayanami. The group's debut single under Lantis was used as the first ending theme of Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire.[1] Rey was also included on Lantis's compilation album Gundam Tribute from Lantis, covering "Stand Up to the Victory", the first opening theme for Mobile Suit V Gundam.[2] The band broke up as on August 31, 2013.[3]


Regular members[edit]

Former members[edit]

  • Matoshi Manabe (真辺 雅俊, Manabe Matoshi, born September 10 in Kagoshima Prefecture.): Drums. He withdrawal the band on October 2010.


Indie albums[edit]

  • Wind Gate - March 5, 2008
    1. "Message" (メッセージ, Messēji)
    2. "Seishun Giga" (青春GIGA, "Youth Giga")
    3. "Hero Kōhosei" (ヒーロー候補生, Hīrō Kōhosei, "Hero Cadet")
    4. "Sora" (, "Sky")
    5. "Fuyu no Yowamushi" (冬のヨワムシ, "Winter Coward")


  • Rey - November 26, 2008
    1. "Generation"
    2. "Isshinfuran" (一心不乱, "Wholeheartedly")
    3. "Nagai Tabiji no Tochū" (長い旅路の途中, "The Middle of a Long Journey")
    4. "Hi no Tori" (火の鳥, "Fire Bird)
    5. "Cha-La Head-Cha-La"
  • H.A.B (Hit and Break) - April 6, 2011
    1. "Hit and Break!"
    2. "Road to Kingdom" (PS2 Game "Desert Kingdom" Opening theme)
    3. "RIDE OUT!" (Adeventure game "INSTANT BRAIN" Promotional song)
    4. "LEGEND of KAISER" (Movie/OVA Mazinkaizer SKL Insert song)
    5. "Mugen kairou -Moebius- (夢限界楼-メヴィウス-) (PS2 Game "Armen Noir" Opening theme)
    6. "Kuchidake Banchou" (口だけ番長)
    7. "AXEL TRANSFORMERS" (Anime television series "Transformers Animated" Ending theme)
    8. "Rescue Dream!" (TV Tokusatsu Dorama "Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire" Insert song)
    9. "Rasen" (螺旋) (PS2 Game "Armen Noir" Ending theme)
    10. "Alive a Soldiers"
    11. "Boukensha" (冒険者) (PS2 Game "Desert Kingdom" Ending theme)
    12. "BURNING HERO" (TV Tokusatsu Dorama "Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire" Ending theme)
    13. "THANK YOU"


Non-single tracks[edit]

  • "Stand Up to the Victory (To the Victory)" (STAND UP TO THE VICTORY~トゥ・ザ・ヴィクトリー~, STAND UP TO THE VICTORY ~Tu Za Vikutorī)
  • "Rescue King" (レスキューキング, Resukyū Kingu)
  • "Haru no Mukou" (春の向こう)
  • "Kiss of the Alice Blue" (アリスブルーのキス, Arisu Burū no Kisu)
    • From Anime television series/Data Cardass Aikatsu! Original Soundtrack - Aikatsu! Music!! 01


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