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Reynogüelén, also spelled Reinogüelén, Reinohuelén, and Reynohuelén, was the original Mapudungun name of the eastern regions of what are now the communes of Parral in Linares Province, and Ñiquén, and San Carlos communes in the Ñuble Province of the Biobio Region of Chile. It was also the original name of the upper reaches of the Perquilauquén River that passed through that area. It was later corrupted into Reinohuelén, Reinogüelén, Reinohuelén and Reynohuelén.[1]

A place called Reinohuelen was also mentioned in a 1578 letter of the governor Rodrigo de Quiroga to Philip II where it indicated Reinohuelen to be located to the south of the Itata River, near where this river is joined with the Ñuble River.[2]


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