Rhizomnium punctatum

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Dotted thyme-moss
Rhizomnium punctatum
Rhizomnium punctatum
Scientific classification
R. punctatum
Binomial name
Rhizomnium punctatum
(Hedw.) T.J. Kop.

Rhizomnium punctatum, also called dotted thyme-moss,[1] is a small species in the genus Rhizomnium.


The roots, which are 10–100 mm tall, stand up straight. The oval- or egg-shaped leaves are usually broader above the middle. The rhizoids are not slender, unlike similar species R. magnifolium and R. pseudopunctatum and they grow in the leaf axils. Capsules, measuring 5mm long, are borne on setae which are 20-30mm.[2]

British distribution[edit]

Found on all corners of the British Isles, although once again less frequent in Ireland. It also has a more scattered range in the East, from Cambridge north to Kingston upon Hull. It can be found on Scilly, Orkney, Shetland and the Isle of Man.[3]


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