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Riabovil, Ukrainian: Рябовіл, Russian: Рябовол, Belarusian: Рабавол, literally Spotted Ox, a Ukrainian surname.

Other spellings[edit]

Variations of the surname include Ryabovil, Ryabovol, Riabovol, Riabowol, Rjabovil, Rjabovol. According to the official Ukrainian-English transliteration rules[1] Рябовіл must be spelt as Riabovil.


  • Riabovolenko, Ukrainian: Рябоволенко, i.e. Riabovil's son
  • Riabovolyk, Ukrainian: Рябоволик, i.e. Little Riabovil, or Little Spotted Ox
  • Riabovoliv, Ukrainian: Рябоволів, or Riabovolov, Russian: Рябоволов, i.e. Riabovil's

Famous people[edit]


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