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Riadh Guerfali, known also by the pseudonym Astrubal, is a Tunisian lawyer and human rights activist. He is best known for being a manager of the website Nawaat, which itself became a platform for organizing protesters during the Tunisian revolution.

Online activities[edit]

In 2004, Apple updated their iconic 1984 advertisement to showcase the iPod.[1] The following month, Guerfaili as Astrubal uploaded a mashup of that video replacing the Big Brother character with Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.[1] This video was part of a broader antigovernment propaganda campaign initially launched by Tunisian human rights activists in 2002.[1]

Guerfali promotes citizen journalism on the Internet.[2] The website Nawaat has been one of Guerfali's tools for promoting citizen journalism.[2]

In 2011, Guerfali won a Netcitizen prize for promoting freedom of expression on the Internet.[3] This prize was sponsored by Google and Reporters without Borders.[3]


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