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Rich Dickerson is a retired talk radio host for WZZR 94.3 FM in South Florida and presenter of the show The Love Doctors.[1] In 1975, while program director at WVTS,[2] Rich is attributed with inadvertently inciting fans of the band Kiss to start the official Kiss fan club, the Kiss Army.[3][4] By July 1975, WVTS had begun to play KISS records, often referring to the KISS Army. Some of the letters included threats to blow up the station.[5] Before long, listeners started calling the station asking how they could enlist.[4]

Dickerson worked with Starkey and Evans to provide advance promotion for a KISS concert at the new Hulman Civic-University Center in Terre Haute. He retired on December 16th, 2016, leaving an indelible mark on the show The Love Doctors and the people of South Florida.


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