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Not to be confused with Rick Marotta.

Rich Marotta is an American sportscaster in Los Angeles, California. He received the high honor of induction into two Halls of Fame in 2011. In February, Rich was inducted into the Southern California Sportscasters Hall of Fame. Then in June, he was inducted into the California Boxing Hall of Fame.


Rich holds the singular distinction of being the only sportscaster in Los Angeles to have ever been part of the regular broadcast teams of three major league franchises. He was the color analyst for the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL alongside Bob Miller, the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders of the NFL, and Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA. He currently calls boxing on Fox Sports Net television, pay per view. In 2006, he won the Sam Taub Award for excellence in boxing broadcasting journalism.[1] He can be heard on the Bill Handel Show on KFI AM 640 Radio, and XTRA Sports AM 570 in Los Angeles. He lives in Reno, Nevada, and does these shows via ISDN from a studio in Reno. With the departure of Paul T. Wall back to Guam, Rich has become increasingly verbal about his liberal political views and is a supporter of U.S. President Barack Obama. Marotta covered the 2008 Democratic National Committee Convention in Denver, Colorado for the Bill Handel Show.

Marotta was formerly the host of the radio boxing show The Neutral Corner, which was aired for 11 years on KLAC 570 AM. After thirty one years in Radio Rich retired from radio signing off at 09:55 A.M on September 26, 2014 with the Bill Handel (Handel on the News) at KFI A.M. 640 in Burbank California.

Rich is married to Helen, a former tennis pro and currently a yoga and tai-chi instructor. He has two children, Angela Rose and Joseph Marotta.


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