Richa Sharma (actress)

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Richa Sharma Dutt
Born 1963
Died 10 December 1996 (aged 32–33)
New York City, U.S.
Nationality Indian
Occupation Actress

Richa Sharma Dutt (Hindi: ऋचा शर्मा; (1963–1996)) was an Indian film actress known for her works in Bollywood.[1] Richa married actor Sanjay Dutt in New York City, United States in 1987. The couple has a daughter Trishala Dutt. Within two years of marriage, she was diagnosed with brain tumor. Richa died at her parents home in New York on 10 December 1996.[1][2][3][4]


She came to visit Dev Anand at a film shoot wanting to be his next heroine but was too young. Dev promised her he would cast her once she grew older. He eventually gave her a break with Hum Naujawan in 1985. She went on to act in Anubhav and Insaaf Ki Awaaz the following year and in Sadak Chhap and Aag Hi Aag in 1987.[1]


A college student, the son of a politician, kills the daughter of a poet. The charges against him are dropped. Does the victim's father succeed in getting justice? Release date: 18 November 1985 (India) (1985)