Richard Bulkeley III

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Richard Bulkeley, of Llangefni, Llanidan and Porthamel, Anglesey, was a Welsh politician.

He was the eldest son of Rowland Bulkeley of Beaumaris, Anglesey.

He was a Justice of the Peace for Anglesey from c.1593 and was appointed High Sheriff of Anglesey for 1597-98 and 1601-02. He was elected a Member (MP) of the Parliament of England for Anglesey 1589.

He married twice: firstly Mary, the daughter of William Lewis of Presaddfed Hall, Bodedern, with whom he had 4 sons and 5 daughters and secondly Elizabeth, the daughter of Rhys Wynn of Bodychen, Llandrygarn, and possibly the widow of Rowland Bulkeley of Cemlyn, nr. Llanidan, with whom he had two more daughters.