Richard E. Banks

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Richard E. Banks (October 23, 1794 – May 6, 1856) was an American physician and surgeon.

Banks was born in Elbert County, Georgia, Georgia. One of thirteen children, Banks was the only one to attend college. After attending both the University of Georgia (for one year) and the University of Pennsylvania, Banks received his medical M.D. degree.

After practicing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a year, he returned to rural northwest Georgia and set up practice not far from his original home. Banks eventually moved to larger offices in Gainesville, Georgia. Banks traveled to treat settlers and Native Americans of northern Georgia and South Carolina. He was especially noted for treating the Native Americans for smallpox.

Banks died in Gainesville on May 6, 1856 and was buried in Alta Vista Cemetery in that city. The Georgia General Assembly named Banks County in his honor on December 11, 1858.