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Arms of Weaver, adopted c.1370: Quarterly, 1&4: Or on a fess Azure cotised Gules two garbs Or. 2: Azure on a bend cotised Argent three escallops Gules (Bohun). 3: Sable a lion rampant double-queued Argent (Wastneys)[1]

Richard Weaver (1575 – 16 May 1642) was an English politician who sat in the House of Commons variously between 1621 and 1642.

Weaver was the son of Edmund Weaver of Stapleton, Llanandrad, Herefordshire and his wife Margery Burhope.[2]

In 1621, Weaver was elected Member of Parliament for Hereford and was re-elected until 1626.[3] In 1627 he was Mayor of the city of Hereford.[4]

In April 1640, Weaver was elected again MP for Hereford in the Short Parliament and in November 1640 for the Long Parliament. He held the seat until his death in 1642.[3] Weaver died at the Above Eigne, Hereford, aged 66 and was buried in Hereford Cathedral.[5]

Weaver married Katherine Fox.[5] Their son Edmund Weaver was also MP for Hereford.


Parliament of England
Preceded by
John Hoskyns
Member of Parliament for Hereford
With: John Rodd 1621–1622
Sir James Clerk 1624–1625
Sir John Scudamore 1625
James Clerk 1626
Succeeded by
Sir John Scudamore
John Hoskyns
Preceded by
Parliament suspended since 1629
Member of Parliament for Hereford
1640 – 1642
With: Richard Seaborne
Succeeded by
James Scudamore
Richard Seaborne