Richmond High School (Victoria)

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Richmond High School
FoundersGovernment of Victoria
PrincipalColin Simpson
AffiliationsMelbourne Girls College

Richmond High School is a high school located in the Melbourne, Australia suburb of Richmond. Its predecessor, Richmond Secondary College, was the centre of a public protests and occupation of the site[1] after it was listed for closure by the Liberal Kennett Government in 1993.


The school commenced in 1967 in portable classrooms at the back of Brighton Street Primary School, before moving to the purpose built premises on the banks of the Yarra River near Bridge Road in 1970. Its name was changed to Richmond Secondary College, and in 1992 it was listed for closure by the Kennett Government. [2] Community protests to the closure were endorsed by the Victorian Trades Hall Council and lasted 360 days before protesters were evicted by Victoria Police Special Operations Group[3]. Methods of crowd dispersal used by police on Monday 13 December 1993, including 'pressure holds' and a baton charge were subject to a Parliamentary Inquiry[4], with 30 demonstrators receiving $300,000 in a settlement with the Bracks Government in 2000.[5][6] The use of Today, the building is home to Melbourne Girls College, which opened in 1994.


In 2014 the Labor Party pledged to build a new Richmond High School if elected.[7] In 2016 the Labor Government announced plans to build the school.[8] The new school is located in Gleadell Street (Multi-purpose Campus, opened in 2018) and Griffiths Street (Vertical Campus, to open in 2019).[9]


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