Riedlhütte narrow-gauge railway

Coordinates: 48°54′19.93″N 13°23′06.56″E / 48.9055361°N 13.3851556°E / 48.9055361; 13.3851556
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Riedlhütte narrow-gauge railway
Riedlhütte station
Track of the Riedlhütte narrow-gauge railway
Line length1 km (0.6 miles)
Track gauge600 mm (1 ft 11+58 in)
Route map

Level crossing Bergstraße

The Riedlhütte narrow-gauge railway (German Feld- und Waldbahn Riedlhütte e.V.) is a not for profit light railway in Sankt Oswald-Riedlhütte in the Bayerischer Wald.


The one-kilometre-long (1000 yd) track has a gauge of 600 mm (1 ft 11+58 in) and runs in an east-west direction. There are four stations: Ohebrücke near the parking lot, Riedlhütte at the club house, Badeweiher at the lake and Krummwiese.


Passenger train[1]

The railway operates approximately 16 days per year, and if weather conditions permit, several trains will be in use.

The trains depart from 10:00 to 16:00 or 17:00 from the central station Riedlhütte. For the return trip they need altogether 18 min.


The association was funded in 1987 as Feldbahn Fränking in Weichs-Fränking north of Munich. It built a 400m long track at the Deutsches Museum in Munich in 1996, on which they run trains between Ludwigsbrücke and the museum entrance. 2002 the association relocated to Sankt Oswald-Riedlhütte, where the parish provided a suitable site.

Rolling stock[edit]

Diesel locomotive[1]

The railway operates with ten diesel locomotives of four manufacturers (3 Jung, 3 Gmeinder, 3 Diema and 1 Lkm).[2] Most of the locos are ready to be used, but normally only up to 3 will be used on one day. There are also some goods and passenger cars and some auxiliary vehicles.[3]


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48°54′19.93″N 13°23′06.56″E / 48.9055361°N 13.3851556°E / 48.9055361; 13.3851556