Rifts Chaos Earth

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Rifts Chaos Earth
Rifts Chaos Earth RPG 2003.jpg
Front cover of Rifts Chaos Earth core rulebook, illustrated by Scott Johnson
Designer(s)Kevin Siembieda
Illustrator(s)Wayne Breaux, Jr., Michael Dubisch, Apollo Okamura, Ramón Pérez, Freddie E. Williams II, Michael Wilson
Publisher(s)Palladium Books
Publication dateJune 2003 (2003-06)
Years active2003–present

Rifts Chaos Earth is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game from Palladium Books. It is a spinoff and prequel to their popular game Rifts, which uses a similar form of Palladium's Megaversal system.


In the early 2000, Palladium was experiencing a downward trend, so to try to offset decreasing sales, Palladium continued creating new settings; as a result the brand new game Rifts Chaos Earth (2003), a prequel to Rifts, was released and soon supplemented by a few sourcebooks (2003).[1]


Chaos Earth was originally intended to be a parallel dimension to Rifts where the massive deaths were caused a minute after midnight when the released Potential Psychic Energy (P.P.E.) was magnified. Everything that happened in Rifts happened on a smaller scale in Chaos Earth. In Chaos Earth, most of humanity survives and has to fend off the supernatural. This game style can be played in Palladium's Nightbane series. Sometime after its original press description in an early Rifter, the game changed from a parallel dimension to Rifts history, perhaps due to the level of interest in Rifts' past. Now in the Palladium Megaverse, the Chaos Earth setting is the period in Earth during which the rips in space-time known as rifts ripped apart mankind.

Chaos Earth gives players a chance to play in a world somewhat more recognizable than the world of Rifts. Monsters are only starting to appear and there the forces of humanity are still trying to hold on to the civilized world that Earth had been, as opposed to Rifts where characters live in a world where violence and horror have been commonplace for centuries.


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