The Mechanoid Invasion

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The Mechanoid Invasion
Mechanoid Invasion RPG 1981.jpg
Front cover of The Mechanoid Invasion core rulebook, illustrated by Kevin Siembieda
Designer(s) Kevin Siembieda
Illustrator(s) Kevin Siembieda, Michael Gustovich, William Messner-Loebs, James A. Osten
Publisher(s) Palladium Books
Publication date April 1981 (1981-04)
Years active 1981–1988
Genre(s) Science fiction
Language(s) English

The Mechanoid Invasion (and its source books, supplements and sequels) was the first role-playing game from Palladium Books, conceived and written by Kevin Siembieda, with contributions from Erick Wujcik.[1]

The Mechanoid Invasion centered on a powerful, malevolent, and numerous race of bio-driven machines that had come to invade a planet called Gideon E that was colonized by humans. In its original edition, published in 1981,[2] the game was published as a series of three comic-book sized sourcebooks:[3]

  1. the first, The Mechanoid Invasion, dealt with the eponymous invasion of Gideon E
  2. the second, Journey, dealt with human survivors living within a mechanoid mothership after the destruction of the Gideon E colony and introduced "minor magic and some psionics",[4]
  3. the third, Homeworld, dealt with the Mechanoid homeworld itself.

The first book was revised and republished in an expanded form in 1985.[5]

In Spring 1991 Caliber Comics also produced a 3-book series called "The Mechanoids" which adapted the RPG into comic book stories.[6]

In the early 90s "Sourcebook Two" of Rifts (role-playing game) was released, titled The Mechanoids, and it included MDC conversions for the Mechanoids for use in a Rifts Earth setting, along with a storyline on how they got there.[7]

In Winter 1998 a Collected Mechanoids RPG was released.[8] By 2001 all 3 books were compiled as the Mechanoid Invasion Trilogy[9] which is still available.[10]

Mechanoids Space, a complete RPG first announced in 1993 for release the following year, was last promised for publication in December 2002 as late as September 2002.[8] As of 2016 it is still available in the store labelled "coming soon".[11]


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