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Rigoberto Cruz was a Nicaraguan and one of the founders of the Sandinista National Liberation Front in 1961. Cruz, who is better known by his pseudonym Pablo Ubeda,[1] is one of the early martyrs of the Sandinista revolution. He was killed in San Carlos after the battle of Pancasán on August 1967 in one of FSLN's historical defeats.[2]

Rigoberto Cruz in popular culture[edit]

Rigoberto Cruz is best known by his alias "Pablo Ubeda". He was also nicknamed "El cadejo de Las Segovias" as he was considered a master of disguise. During the insurrection, the North-Eastern Front was named "Frente Nor-Oriental Pablo Ubeda". After the Sandinista triumph in 1979, the special troops of the Ministry of Interior, were also named after "Pablo Ubeda"


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