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MeaningDifferent meanings depending on the kanji used

Riko (written: 理子, 璃子, 莉子, 里琴 or りこ in hiragana) is a feminine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Riko Azuna (born 1993), Japanese singer
  • Riko E. Bishop (born 1956), Japanese judge
  • Riko Gunji (born 2002), Japanese badminton player
  • Riko Higashio (東尾 理子, born 1975), Japanese professional golfer
  • Riko Kohara (小原 莉子, born 1990), Japanese voice actress and guitarist
  • Riko Korie (梱枝 りこ), Japanese illustrator and member of Kero Q and Makura
  • Riko Matsudaira (松平 璃子), Japanese idol and member of Keyakizaka46
  • Riko Miyagi (宮城 理子), Japanese manga artist
  • Riko Mizuno (born 1932), Japanese gallerist
  • Riko Muranaka (村中 璃子), Japanese physician and journalist
  • Riko Narumi (成海 璃子, born 1992), Japanese actress and model
  • Riko Ueki (植木 理子, born 1999), Japanese women's footballer
  • Riko Yamaya (山谷 理子, born 1995), Japanese ice hockey player
  • Riko Yoshida (吉田 里琴, born 1999), Japanese actress

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Riko Sakurauchi (桜内 梨子), a character from the media-mix project Love Live! Sunshine!!
  • Riko (リコ), a character from the mixed-media fandom Made In Abyss.

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