Ring der Delphine

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Ring der Delphine
Studio album by Cusco
Released 1989
Genre Andean new age
Label Prudence
Cusco chronology
Mystic Island
(1989)Mystic Island1989
Ring der Delphine
Water Stories
(1990)Water Stories1990

Ring der Delphine is an album by the German andean new age band Cusco. It was released originally in 1989.

Three of the tracks were later reworked for the 1990 release Water Stories on Higher Octave Music. In 1996, the entire album was re-recorded with some changes and released with English titles as Ring of the Dolphin, also on Higher Octave Music.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

Ring der Delphine
  1. "Ring der Delphine"
  2. "Methos"
  3. "Der Zauber"
  4. "Die Wasser von Cesme"
  5. "Jebel At Tarik"
  6. "Bur Said"
  7. "Kinderkreuzzug"
  8. "Ring der Delphine (Reprise)"

Ring of the Dolphin
  1. "Ring of the Dolphin"
  2. "Methos"
  3. "The Spell"
  4. "Waters of Cesme"
  5. "Djebel at Tarik"
  6. "Bur Said"
  7. "Children's Crusade"
  8. "Ring of the Dolphin (Reprise)"