The Best of Cusco

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The Best of Cusco
Compilation album by Cusco
Released 1997
Recorded 1984-1996
Genre Cross-cultural new-age
Label Higher Octave
Cusco chronology
The Magic Sound of Cusco
The Best of Cusco
Dreams & Fantasies

The Best of Cusco is a compilation album by German cross-cultural new-age band Cusco. It was released in early 1997 and includes tracks from the Higher Octave albums Apurimac (released 1988) through Ring of the Dolphin (1996), with the exception that A Choral Christmas (1995) is not represented. Some online retailers also show this item as a release by the label Kitty under the title "History".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Montezuma" (Apurimac II)
  2. "North Easter" (Cusco 2000)
  3. "Waters of Cesme" (Ring of the Dolphin)
  4. "Flying Condor" (Cusco 2000)
  5. "Bur Said" (Water Stories)
  6. "Tupac Amaru" (Apurimac)
  7. "Didjeridoo" (Cusco 2002)
  8. "Lonely Rose" (Mystic Island)
  9. "Flute Battle" (Apurimac)
  10. "Ring of the Dolphin" (Ring of the Dolphin)
  11. "Quetzal's Feather" (Apurimac II)


The Best of Cusco reached #11 on the Billboard Top New Age Albums chart in 1997.[1]