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To rip is the act of tearing an object.

Rip may also refer to:



Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]


Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

  • RiP!: A Remix Manifesto, a 2008 documentary about remixing and intellectual property
  • Ripping, the process of copying audio or video from removable media to a hard disk


  • Rip, originally HMQS Paluma, an Australian gunboat scrapped in the 1950s
  • Rip, the name from 1947-1984 of HMAS Whyalla (J153), a decommissioned Australian corvette

Other uses[edit]

  • Rip (dog), a Second World War search-and-rescue dog awarded the Dickin Medal for bravery
  • Raster image processor, which is used for printing software
  • Rest in peace (RIP or R.I.P.) or requiescat in pace (Latin), tombstone inscription

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