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IndustryFinancial services, Software
FoundersAaron Klein (CEO)
Mike McDaniel (CIO)
Matt Pistone (CTO)
Retirement Solutions
Compliance Cloud
Number of employees

Riskalyze is a financial technology company that provides software as a service to financial advisors in the United States. Riskalyze's platform provides tools for analyzing investment risk, delivering 401(k) plans, and building and implementing investment portfolios.

Riskalyze invented the Risk Number®,[1] an alignment tool for financial advisors to quantitatively measure investor risk tolerance, risk capacity, and portfolio risk on a scale from 1 to 99.[2]


Co-founders Aaron Klein (Chief Executive Officer), Mike McDaniel (Chief Investment Officer), and Matt Pistone (Chief Technology Officer) founded the company in 2011. Riskalyze was initially a free consumer product,[3] but became a tool licensed to financial advisors after a shift in the business model.

In 2016, Riskalyze raised Series-A institutional funding of $20 million from FTV Capital.[4] Riskalyze was recognized by Fast Company on its list of The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Finance 2013[5] and The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Personal Finance 2015. Forbes recognized Riskalyze on its Fintech 50 list in 2015[6] and 2016.[7]

Current operations[edit]

In August 2017, Riskalyze was reported to support 20,000 advisors collectively representing hundreds of billions in assets under management.[8] Riskalyze has approximately 225 employees, two offices in Auburn, California, and one office in Atlanta, Georgia in the Bank of America Plaza.[9]


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