Risky (album)

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Risky (B'z album - cover art).jpg
Studio album by B'z
Released November 7, 1990
Genre Pop rock, hard rock
Length 47:37
Label BMG Japan
B'z chronology
Break Through
In the Life
Singles from Risky
  1. "Easy Come, Easy Go!"
    Released: October 3, 1990
  2. "Itoshii Hitoyo Good Night…"
    Released: October 24, 1990

Risky is the fourth studio album by the Japanese rock duo B'z. "Risky" sold 314,770 copies in its first week and 1,695,900 copies in total. It is the band's first studio album to break the million mark.

Risky was also the first of two collaborations with engineer Jason Corsaro, who has also worked with artists such as Duran Duran, The Power Station and Madonna.

The album spawned two singles, "Easy Come, Easy Go!" and "Itoshii Hitoyo Good Night…."

The album also produced the band's first (and, to date, only) official music video collection, Film Risky.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Risky - 1:24
  2. Gimme Your Love - Fukutsu no Love Driver - (Gimme Your Love - 不屈の Love Driver -?) - 4:23
  3. Hot Fashion -Ryukoukata- (Hot Fashion -流行過多-) - 4:11
  4. Easy Come, Easy Go! -Risky Style- - 4:40
  5. Itoshii Hitoyo Good Night… (愛しい人よGood Night...) - 6:13
  6. Holy Night ni kuchizuke wo (Holy Night にくちづけを) - 5:01
  7. Vampire Woman - 4:58
  8. Tashikana Mono Wa Yami No Naka (確かなものは闇の中) - 4:18
  9. Friday Midnight Blue - 4:25
  10. It's Raining... - 4:58