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RiUvEn is a British Hip Hop rapper from Toxteth, Liverpool, well known for his humorous lyrics, but also for lyrics that portray a vivid image of Liverpool scallie life.

He became well known in Liverpool following the release of The Riuven EP, containing 7 (later versions had 8) of his songs, including Tha LIV.

He began to gain UK national attention after releasing a diss of singer Lily Allen, entitled Lily Rich Kid Allen, which was noted in several newspapers including British broadsheet The Guardian[1].

On 12 January 2008, as part of the opening weekend of Liverpool's year as European Capital of Culture, he appeared on the bill of Liverpool: the Musical - the event which inaugurated Liverpool's new Echo Arena. His appearance was covered by BBC2's The Culture Show. Reaction to his appearance was mixed, as Riuven's intended irony was lost on many watching. [2]


  • RiUvEn - EP
  • RiUvEn - I'm Only Messin Or Am I (1st Album)
  • RiUvEn - Tha LIV (Single)
  • RiUvEn - What Lad (Single)
  • RiUvEn - Skall Mix (Free Download Album)
  • RiUvEn - When Birds Cry & Prank Call (7" Vinyl LTD edition)
  • RiUvEn - Riuven Mixtape (2016 Album)


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