Rive Gauche (perfume)

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Rive Gauche
Fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent
Type Women's fragrance
Released 1971
Label Yves Saint Laurent
Tagline "Ce n'est pas un parfum pour les femmes effacées"

Rive Gauche is a women's perfume launched by Yves Saint Laurent in 1971.

The fragrance was composed in 1969 by perfumers Jacques Polge and Michael Hy at Roure.[1] It was reformulated by Daniela Andrier and Jacques Hy at Givaudan in 2003.[2] The all-aluminium silver and cobalt blue striped bottle was designed by Pierre Dinnand.[3] The perfume was named after Yves Saint Laurent's newly opened boutique in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the first ready-to-wear store opened by a couturier.[4]

Perfume critic Luca Turin considered Rive Gauche as the "best floral aldehydic of all time". It is a classic aldehyde with a floral heart and woody base notes.[5]


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