River of Stories

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River of Stories
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Publication information
PublisherKalpavriksha (India)
Publication date1994
Creative team
Written byOrijit Sen
Artist(s)Orijit Sen

River of Stories is regarded as one of the first Indian graphic novels, written and illustrated by Orijit Sen. This short work tells the story of the environmental, social and political issues surrounding the construction of the controversial Narmada Dam. It was published in 1994 with the help of a small grant from an NGO.


Orijit Sen is probably one of the earliest graphic novel practitioners in India. He came out with the ‘River of Stories’ in 1994 and subsequently went on to do many shorter comics for magazines like Chemuranga. He is also one of the co-founders of People’s Tree and is currently creating ‘Karnama’, an animatic, and a graphic novel on Kabir. Orijit studied graphic design at the National Institute of Design, and has worked on several exhibition and museum design projects in India, the United Kingdom and Russia.


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