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The Riverhurst Ferry
Riverhurst Ferry showing far left and right guide cables and central guide cable

The Riverhurst Ferry is a cable ferry in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The ferry crosses Lake Diefenbaker, linking Riverhurst on the east bank to Lucky Lake on the west bank. The ferry is how Highway 42 crosses Lake Diefenbaker.

The ferry is operated by the Saskatchewan Department of Highways and Transportation, and travels a distance of some 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi). The ferry is free of tolls and operates 24 hours a day, with an hourly crossing departing from the east bank on the hour and the west bank on the half-hour. The ferry operates during the ice-free season; during the winter months the department lays out and maintains an ice road[1] across the lake.[2][3]

The Riverhurst Ferry is Saskatchewan’s largest ferry, with a length of 35.6 metres (117 ft), a width of 14 metres (46 ft), and a weight of 90.7 tonnes. It carries a maximum of 15 cars on each crossing.[4] It is powered by a computer-controlled engine and powers a central drive cable. There are three guide cables, two mounted one foot from the left and right sides, and a middle cable running underneath the hull.

In 2003, the Riverhurst Ferry was renovated, with additions of a new drive system, control tower and passenger areas, including restrooms and a small lounge. After the renovations, the ferry was plagued with technical difficulties involving the drive system. The ferry frequently broke down and as a result was unreliable for years after. Presently, the ferry is operating normally.


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Coordinates: 50°54′39″N 106°55′50″W / 50.910827°N 106.930618°W / 50.910827; -106.930618