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Transitway station
Coordinates 45°23′47.5″N 75°40′10″W / 45.396528°N 75.66944°W / 45.396528; -75.66944Coordinates: 45°23′47.5″N 75°40′10″W / 45.396528°N 75.66944°W / 45.396528; -75.66944
Owned by OC Transpo
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Route 97
toward Airport
Route 98
toward Hawthorne
toward Lebreton
Route 99
toward Carleton
Route 104

The Riverside Transitway Station is the OC Transpo transitway stop that is connected to the Riverside Campus of The Ottawa Hospital near the intersection of Smyth Road and Riverside Drive. Stairs and elevators from the platform level lead directly to the interior of the hospital, making bus travel easy for medical appointments even in bad weather.

The hospital is the primary trip generator and main purpose for this station. There are no connecting bus routes here.

The station was built when the hospital underwent a major expansion of its facility. It agreed to let the transitway pass in its terrain and open a new station as there were initially no stations to be built at that location. The 4 200 square feet new administration wing and Transit station was completed in 1991. [1]


The following routes serve Riverside Station:
Rapid Routes: 87 97 98 104
Frequent Routes: 88
Local Routes: 41 99 116 146 148 149 199
Connexion Routes: 290 293 298
Event Routes: 451


  • Route 106 and selected trips on route 16 are also available on Smyth Road, at the north entrance to the hospital.
  • Routes 146 and 148 only serve this station Monday-Friday.


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