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Directed by Deran Sarafian
Produced by John Flock
Written by Tedi Sarafian
Starring Christopher Lambert
Craig Sheffer
David Arquette
Josh Brolin
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
John Pyper-Ferguson
Christopher McDonald
Michelle Forbes
Music by Les Hooper
Cinematography James L. Carter
Edited by Peck Prior
Dimension Films
John Flock Productions
Silver Lion Films
Distributed by Miramax Films
Dimension Films
Release date
  • February 14, 1995 (1995-02-14)
Running time
89 min
Country United States
Language English

Roadflower (also known as Road Flower or The Road Killers) is a 1994 American suspense thriller starring Christopher Lambert, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, David Arquette, Josh Brolin, Christopher McDonald, John Pyper-Ferguson and Adrienne Shelly.[1]


Jack Lerolland (Christopher Lambert), his brother Glen (Christopher McDonald) and family and friends go for a short country trip. When young Rich Lerolland (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is nearly run down, his father takes off after the car that was involved. The driver, a psychopath named Cliff (Craig Sheffer) leads a gang of thugs. When Cliff kills Jack's brother in a car crash, this is the start of the chain of events which will terrorize the Lerolland family. With the female members of the group being molested and Jack thought to be killed, the other members of Cliff's gang go to their hideout.

Meanwhile, Jack is revived and is able to travel to a police station but is thrown into a cell and told to wait there, while the on-duty officer goes to check out the gang's hideout. The police officer arrives later at the hideout but is shot dead by a surprised Cliff. After this incident, Cliff becomes suspicious of some of his gang members and kills one of them. At the station, Jack and Hauser (John Pyper-Ferguson), Cliff's brother break out and are free. Jack is tricked by Hauser into waiting at the station, while Cliff's brother takes the police car. Jack subsequently takes another car and reaches the hideout to free his friends and family.

Cliff has already escaped the hideout with his brother (whom Cliff later murders) and Jack's daughter. They continue to evade police capture, until they reach a major railway crossing. Jack who has been following Cliff, chases him onto the other side of the crossing and a fight ensues, with Jack gaining the upper hand and handcuffing Cliff to his car. Jack then moves the car onto one of the tracks and leaves it to be smashed by an approaching train.


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