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Rob Kendrick is an English rock guitarist, best known as guitarist for the English band, Trapeze.[1][2] Trapeze had major musical success in the 1970s and early 1980s with their single, "Black Cloud". Trapeze, broke up in the 1980s. Glenn Hughes, the original bass player left the band to join Deep Purple, and shortly afterwards, Dave Holland, drummer, left the line-up to join Judas Priest. Mel Galley, the original guitarist, left the band shortly after and joined Whitesnake. Kendrick continued touring the United States, supporting a new Trapeze, including Texas musicians Mike Mikeska on drums and Buck Judkins on bass guitar.

Kendrick and group returned to the studio to work on a new album in 1981, which Geffen Records was supporting. David Geffen took a personal interest, but the album was never released. After nearly two years of touring, the group disbanded. Kendrick returned to England to work on a solo project and Mikeska and Judkins returned to Texas.

He was then hired for Cloven Hoof on their 1986 live album, Fighting Back. But due to the contractual difficulties surrounding the band, bassist Lee Payne broke the band up and looked for new recruits.[citation needed]

He has credits on Budgie's album, The Last Stage.[3]


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