Rob Oswald

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Rob Oswald
Rob Oswald.jpg
Background information
Birth name Robert Oswald
Born 1964
Genres Stoner rock
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Drums
Years active 1996–2012
Associated acts Karma To Burn, Year Long Disaster

Robert Oswald (born in Baltimore, Maryland) is an American drummer. Oswald used to play drums for Karma To Burn.[1] He plays in the band Year Long Disaster, who feature an identical line up, as well as recording as Crack Angel. He has previously been a member of various bands, including Mondo Generator, Nebula, Buttsteak, Lee Harvey Keitel Band, Caffeine Driven Stress Magnets and Jade. He currently resides in the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles with the rest of his band mates.[2]

In 2012 Rob announced that he had retired from music and left the following post on his personal Facebook account:

"...I have spent the majority of my life playing music in a band, I have been a lot of places and met a lot of people, done a lot of crazy things and learned a lot, still room to learn much more, and I look forward to learning in a different way.

I am grateful for all of this, but believe it is time for me to exit this scene, as I do not agree with the politics of the "music business". From my stand point, it tends to bring out the worst in people, and I am well over wanting to surround myself with that.

What I take with me from all of this, is all the very special people I have gotten to meet through this time, people who love music and treat it with the dignity and timelessness that it demands. What I will leave, is the corrupt bags of shit that try to manipulate it for personal gain, these people represent nothing I wish a part of, and unfortunately, they were closer than I ever would imagine to what I love.

Sometime(s), the only way to honor what you love and believe in is to step away, for now, I step away..."[3]


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