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Robb Kendrick (born 1963 in Spur, Texas) is an American photographer. He has photographed 16 feature stories for National Geographic magazine,[1] and has published three photo books. In addition to his color documentary work, he makes images on tintype, a historical photo process that was popular in the mid-19th century. His portraits of modern-day cowboys on tintype have been compared to Edward Curtis' portraits of Native Americans.[2] Robb Kendrick refrains from using social media focusing instead on his family.[3]

Books by Robb Kendrick[edit]

  • Perfume (1999, National Geographic Society, ISBN 0-7922-7378-8)
  • Revealing Character (2005, Bright Sky Press, ISBN 1-931721-57-2)
  • Still: Cowboys at the Start of the 21st Century(2008, University of Texas Press, ISBN 978-0-292-71438-0)


  • 2005-2008 Revealing Character-Touring Exhibition at eight museums within Texas.
  • 2005 Revealing Character—Steven L. Clark Gallery, Austin, Texas.

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