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Robert Bird & Partners
Limited company
Industry Engineering Consultant
Founded 1982
Founder Robert Bird Snr
Headquarters Brisbane, Australia
Number of locations
10 offices
Key people
Jason Beutel (CEO)

Robert Bird Group is an Australian-owned structural, civil and specialist engineering consultancy with offices in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. Since its establishment in 1982, Robert Bird Group has performed work on many sophisticated and complex structural projects, including prestigious public buildings, high rise structures, waterfront developments, urban regeneration projects, sporting facilities, major retail developments, transport infrastructure projects and complicated heritage developments.

As an organisation their contribution to the engineering world includes the development of innovative and cost saving construction techniques, in particular, the use of concrete filled steel tubes as permanent basement columns in top down construction; simultaneous construction of basements with towers, and flatplate construction which reduces floor to floor height and therefore the cost of mechanical services. Robert Bird himself has also been involved in developing solutions for complex below ground and sea level construction works involved in wharf reconstruction.


The company is organised into the following main service areas: Buildings, Infrastructures, Civils, ATS, Drafting and Visualization.

Signature projects[edit]

Development Category Services Provided Project Cost Location
High Speed 1 Transport Structural £65bn London UK
Dubai International Airport Transport Structural AED $9.255B Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ephraim Island Residential Structural A$545M Queensland, Australia
London Heathrow Terminal 5 Transport Structural GBP £4.2B London, United Kingdom
King Street Wharf Waterfront Civil and Structural A$500M Sydney, Australia
National Australia Bank Headquarters Commercial & Waterfront Structural A$145M Melbourne, Australia
New Quay Waterfront & Urban Regeneration Structural A$190M Melbourne, Australia
Peterborough Hospital Health Structural GBP £700M Peterborough, United Kingdom
Riparian Plaza Highrise Structural A$250M Brisbane, Australia
Sydney International Airport Transport Structural A$630M Sydney, Australia
Victoria Point Highrise & Waterfront Structural A$250M Melbourne, Australia
Walsh Bay Waterfront & Urban Regeneration Structural UD $400M Sydney, Australia
Westfield London (White City) Retail Structural GBP £700M London, United Kingdom
London 2012 Olympics Athletes Village Residential Structural GBP £225M London, United Kingdom
Woolloomooloo Wharf Heritage, Waterfront & Urban Regeneration Structural A$250M Sydney, Australia
100 Bishopsgate (London) Office Structural Designer, Construction Engineering - London, United Kingdom
Caprice Gold 7* Hotel Hotel Structural Designer - Istanbul, Turkey
Vauxhall Sky Garden Mixed-use development Structural Designer - London, United Kingdom
Nova Victoria (London) Commercial and Residential Structural Designer GBP £300M London, United Kingdom
Meygen (London) Renewable Energy Structural Designer - Scotland, United Kingdom
Midfield Terminal Building - Abu Dhabi International Airport Airport Construction Engineering - Abu Dhabi, UAE

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