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For the politician, see Robert Franklin Jones.

Robert F. Jones (1934–2002) was a novelist and an outdoor writer for Sports Illustrated and Field & Stream. Many of his novels contain fantastic and/or surrealistic elements, causing some critics to label his work slipstream. Jones' archive resides at the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library at the University of Virginia.

He died December 18, 2002, of natural causes in Bennington, VT at age 68.[1]



  • Blood Sport (1974): Novel about a father and son fishing trip up the mythical Hassayampa river, which runs from upstate New York to China, and ancient times, and their encounter with legendary outlaw "Ratnose."
  • The Diamond Bogo (1978): The story of an African hunting expedition for a large cape buffalo with a giant diamond embedded in its horns, and involving the discovery of a surviving lost race colony of homo erectus.
  • Slade's Glacier (1981)
  • Blood Tide (1990): A nautical adventure tale of a father and daughter setting out to wreak vengeance on two different men who had each betrayed them.
  • The Man-Eaters of Zamani (1991): Short story on the hunting of a lion in Zamani region of Somalia (Petersen's Hunting 1991) .
  • Tie My Bones To Her Back (AKA The Buffalo Runners) (1996): Western
  • Deadville (1999): Western
  • The Run to Gitche Gumee


  • Gone to the Dogs: Life With My Canine Companions
  • Dancers in the Sunset Sky
  • The Fishing Doctor: the Essential Tackle Box Companion
  • The Hunter In My Heart: A Sportsman's Salmagundi
  • African Twilight: The Story of a Hunter
  • Upland Passage: A Field Dog's Education
  • Jake: A Labrador Puppy at Work and Play


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