Robert J. Linhardt

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Robert J. Linhardt
Bob Linhardt in lab 2011 cc released.jpg
Linhardt in his RPI lab in 2011.
Fields Bioengineering
Metabolic Engineering
Biomolecular Interaction
The Interactome
Carbohydrate Analysis
Structural Biology
Synthetic Carbohydrate Chemistry
Nano/Micron-scale Devices
Alma mater MIT
The Johns Hopkins University
Marquette University
Academic advisors Robert S. Langer
Brown L. Murr
Notable students Trevor J. Simmons
Sayaka Masuko
Kemal Solakyildirim
Brady Cress
Jacob Englaender
Influenced Jonathan S. Dordick
Fuming Zhang
Notable awards Scientific American 10
American Chemical Society Melville L. Wolfrom
American Chemical Society Claude S. Hudson
American Chemical Society Horace S. Isbell
AAAS Fellow

Robert "Bob" Linhardt is the Ann and John Broadbent, Jr. '59 Senior Constellation Professor Biocatalysis & Metabolic Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. His primary appointment at RPI is based in the Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies, consisting of joint appointments with the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Department of Biology, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Rensselaer Nanotechnology Center. Prior to joining RPI in 2003, he was the a professor for 21 years at the University of Iowa. During his career in Iowa, he spent eight years as the F. Wendell Miller Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and ten years as a member of the Executive Committee of the Center for Biocatalysis & Bioprocessing. Since 2008 Dr. Linhardt's group has been working on a collaboration to bioengineer Heparin from E. coli. This is in part a response to the outbreak of adverse heparin reactions in 2007.[1] This work helped earn him a spot in the Scientific American 10, for the 10 people who “demonstrated outstanding commitment to assuring that the benefits of new technologies and knowledge will accrue to humanity.”[2][3]

Honors & awards[edit]

  • 2015 Elected to the National Academy of Inventors (NAI)
  • 2010 Melville L. Wolfrom Award Award from the American Chemical Society
  • 2010 American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow
  • 2009 Scientific American 10
  • 2003 RPI Ann and John H. Broadbent Senior Constellation Chair
  • 2003 American Chemical Society Claude S. Hudson Award in Carbohydrate Chemistry
  • 1999 Volwiler Research Achievement Award sponsored by Abbott (awarded by the AACP)
  • 1996 University of Iowa F. Wendell Miller Distinguished Professorship
  • 1994 Horace S. Isbell Award from the American Chemical Society, Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry
  • 1992 Iowa Regents Award for Faculty Excellence
  • 1989 University of Iowa Excellence in Teaching Award
  • 1981 MIT Johnson & Johnson Postdoctoral Fellow
  • 1979 The Johns Hopkins University Ernst M. Marks Award


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