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Robinson's of Florida was a chain of department stores on Florida's Gulf Coast and Orlando and based in St. Petersburg, Florida, starting with a store at Tyrone Square Mall in 1972. It had been founded in the 1970s as an attempt by Associated Dry Goods to emulate its upscale J. W. Robinson's stores of Southern California on the fast-growing Florida Gulf Coast. This newly created division grew to 10 locations. Rather than investing in the then-stagnant Florida market, May sold this division in 1987 to Baton Rouge based Maison Blanche.[1][2] Seven of the former Robinson’s of Florida locations were subsequently sold by Maison Blanche to Dillard's* in 1991 while the other three became Gayfers** (which in turn was bought out by Dillard's in 1998) a year later because of Mercantile Stores.

Former Robinson's of Florida Locations[edit]

City Location Opened Status
Tampa University Square* 1974 Relocated by Dillard's in 1995. Original spot is now a wing of shops.
WestShore Plaza* Closed by Dillard's in 2001 (relocated to International Plaza and Bay Street). Building is now Sears. Closing in March 2019.
Sarasota Southgate Plaza* 1978 (1961 as JCPenney) Closed by JCPenney in 1977 and again by Dillard's in 2014. Building is mostly split into LA Fitness and Lucky's Market.
St. Petersburg Tyrone Square Mall* 1972 Still operating as Dillard's.
Orlando Orlando Fashion Square** 1973 Relocated by Maison Blanche in 1990. Original spot is now a wing of shops.
The Florida Mall** 1986 Closed by Parisian in 2000 and again by Lord & Taylor in 2006. Location is now an outdoor shopping area.
Naples Coastland Center* 1985 Second floor added by Dillard's in 1995. Still operating as Dillard's.
Fort Myers Edison Mall* Expanded and renovated by Dillard's in 1999. Still operating as Dillard's.
Clearwater Countryside Mall* 1976 Remodeled by Dillard's in 2001. Still operating as Dillard's.
Altamonte Springs Altamonte Mall** 1974 Still operating as Dillard's.


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