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Roborough Rock

Coordinates: 50°29′07″N 4°05′38″W / 50.4854°N 4.0938°W / 50.4854; -4.0938
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Roborough Rock

Yelverton Rock (also known as The Rock) is a tor-like igneous rock outcrop immediately south-west of Yelverton, Devon. It is located at the southern end of the former RAF Harrowbeer airfield on Roborough Down, next to the border with the A386.[1] This location created problems for the airfield during the Second World War, as two runways were positioned in front of the rock.[1]


The Rock has been given many names, particularly due to the resemblance of a human face apparent when viewing the eastern mass from the north. This has variously been referred to as the "Duke of Wellington's Nose" and "George III's nose".[2][3] On Dunn's 18th-century map of Dartmoor, it is labelled as Ullestor Rock or Ulster Rock, but this label was rare by the mid-19th century.[2][4] Donne's map of 1765 labelled it "Hurstone Rock".[5] In the 16th century, it was known as Udell Torre[5] and it has also been referred to as Udal Tor.[6] Often it is locally referred to as just "The Rock".[1][7] It has also been called "Yelverton Rock".[5]


Roborough Rock has two high ends and a lower middle section. The height was historically more uniform, until the middle section was removed for road maintenance in 1830.[5]


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50°29′07″N 4°05′38″W / 50.4854°N 4.0938°W / 50.4854; -4.0938