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The Rocklin Unified School District is a California education district serving the Rocklin area. It consists of twelve elementary schools, two middle schools, two high schools, and the Rocklin Alternative Education Center.

Rocklin Elementary is the oldest school in the district, although its location has changed a few times. Parker Whitney is the oldest school in the district that has maintained same location. The newest school is Sunset Ranch Elementary school in the Whitney Ranch area, which opened for students in August 2010.


In 2008, a grades 7–12 charter school called Western Sierra Collegiate Academy requested twice of Rocklin Unified School District for permission to use its facilities at either Whitney or Rocklin High School. An August 20 district board meeting, the Rocklin Unified School District's trustees unanimously denied the charter school the permission it sought. Superintendent Kevin Brown backed the district's decision. The administration of the district's charter Rocklin Academy, however, supported the creation of what would be the district's fourth charter school.[1] Rocklin Academy brought the matter to the California Department of Education, which deliberated on 12 March 2009.[2] The academy was approved, and was able to rent space previously occupied by Sierra Christian Academy. This location was chosen due to RUSD's intransigence in providing suitable facilities, the need to begin the 2009/2010 school year, and to stay within budget for facilities rental. Both Rocklin Academy campuses are tenants of Rocklin School District, paying fair market rates for schools that would otherwise be generating debt, rather than revenue. WSCA sought to be a paying tenant as well.[3]

Elementary schools[edit]

Antelope Creek Elementary School[edit]

Breen Elementary School[edit]

Breen Elementary is a K-6 school located in Rocklin, California. It opened in late August, 1994 with a population of 177 students. As of 2012, its population is approximately 700 and its principal is Chuck Thibideau.

Cobblestone Elementary School[edit]

Parker Whitney Elementary School[edit]

Rock Creek Elementary School[edit]

Rocklin Academy (charter school)[edit]

Rocklin Academy is a public, tuition free, charter school, which was developed by parents and teachers for the Rocklin area. Rocklin Academy is sponsored by the Rocklin Unified School District.

Rocklin Elementary School[edit]

Ruhkala Elementary School[edit]

Sierra Elementary School[edit]

Sunset Ranch Elementary School[edit]

Twin Oaks Elementary School[edit]

Valley View Elementary School[edit]

Valley View Elementary School's principal as of 2013 is Shari Anderson. It goes from 1st grade all the way to 6th

Middle schools[edit]

Granite Oaks Middle School[edit]

Granite Oaks Middle School

Granite Oaks Middle School is located near the Rocklin High School.

In Granite Oaks, the principal as of 2009 is Mr. Holmes, and the vice principal is Mr. Christiensen. The Academic Performance Index (API) is one of the highest in all of California, according to the California Department of Education.

Granite Oaks Middle School is made up of Academies. Each Academy has between two and six teachers. 8th grade academies include Quest, Talon, Sierra, and Discovery. 7th grade academies include Key, Legacy, Odyssey, and Rubicon. It is one of the most advanced schools in the Rocklin Unified School Districts.

Spring View Middle School[edit]

As of August 2015, Spring View Middle School's principal is Mrs. Elisabeth Davidson and the vice principal is Mrs. Amy Bohren. The API[clarification needed] is one of the highest in all of California. Spring View Middle School is made up of seven academies. In eighth grade, there are: USC, Stanford, Berkley. In seventh, the academies are: Princeton, Harvard, Yale, and Cornell. Each academy has four core teachers (Mathematics, English/Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies/History).

High schools[edit]

Rocklin Alternative Education Center[edit]

  • Rocklin Independent Charter Academy
  • Victory High School


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