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Rodrigo Alves
Rodrigo Alves, the Human Ken Doll.jpg
Born (1983-07-30) 30 July 1983 (age 35)[1]
OccupationTV celebrity[citation needed],
air steward[2]
Known forExtensive plastic surgeries[3]

Rodrigo Alves (pronounced [ho.ˈdɾi.ɡo ˈaw.vis]; born 1983), sometimes referred to as the Human Ken Doll, is a Brazilian-born (British father[4]) British television personality, who moved to London at the age of 19,[4] noted for having undergone dozens of plastic surgeries in an attempt to perfect his own appearance, due to a likely case of body dysmorphic disorder.

As of January 2018, Alves has spent just over £500,000 undergoing 103 cosmetic procedures, including injections,[5] 51 of which were plastic surgeries.[1] In early 2018 Alves had four ribs removed from his rib cage so that he could better fit into his clothing.[6] Said Alves, "My blazers have to be altered. I had to always have a bigger blazer and get it altered. I had four ribs removed so that I can do up my blazers without having to breathe in or have my blazers altered. I have a 20-inch waist now. It can be a dangerous procedure, absolutely."[7]

Alves claims to have undergone liposuction, had gel filler injected into shoulders, biceps, and triceps, applies Minoxidil topically, has had hair implants and a number of facelifts, wears painted contact lenses, and has had nine rhinoplasties.[4] He typically presents himself as male, although he has expressed the view that gender should not be a limitation on identity and in October of 2018 arrived at an event called the "Vivid - One Grand Show" in Berlin wearing a red dress with a corset, a black wig, and distinctive make-up. According to Alves, "The gender of people defines what society expects us to do. People are waiting for us to dress and behave somehow. When I was small, my grandfather bought me Barbie dolls and allowed me to dress in my grandmother's dresses. People should not be defined by gender".[8]

On 16 August 2018, Alves appeared on the UK television show, Celebrity Big Brother as a celebrity housemate. After using the racial slur "nigger" in a conversation over the type of sexual partner he preferred, Alves was given a "final warning" by producers, that if he repeated the language he would be evicted from the house. The incident garnered over 1,000 complaints to regulator OfCom.[9] After a further incident, Alves was expelled from the show in the early hours of the morning on the tenth day.[10][11]

In November of 2018 Alves was arrested by the German police during the filming of a program for the PRO7 German TV network. The police had stopped Alves and the television crew to verify that they had permission to film in the chosen location and to examine their identification. Alves did not have his most current passport with him at the time, and his appearance had changed so drastically since his previous passport photo was taken that the police were not able to confirm his identity from it. Another member of the film crew had to retrieve Alves' most recent passport and bring it to the local police station where Alves was being held before they would release him.[12]


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