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Roddy Alves
Rodrigo Alves, the Human Ken Doll.jpg
Born (1983-07-30) 30 July 1983 (age 36)[1]
OccupationTV celebrity,
air steward[2]
Known forExtensive plastic surgeries[3]

Roddy Alves (born Rodrigo Alves, July 30, 1983)[1] is a Brazilian-British television personality noted for having undergone dozens of plastic surgeries in an attempt to alter her appearance.


Alves was born on July 30, 1983 in São Paulo, Brazil to her British father.[4] When she was young, her grandfather bought her Barbie dolls and allowed her to dress. She feels people should not be defined by gender.[5] Alves moved to London at age nineteen.[4]

As of January 2018, Alves has spent just over £500,000 (equivalent to $512,784 in 2019) undergoing 103 cosmetic procedures, including injections, 51 of which were plastic surgeries.[6][1] Alves has undergone liposuction, had gel filler injected into shoulders, biceps, and triceps, applies Minoxidil topically, has had hair implants and a number of facelifts, wears tinted contact lenses, and has had eleven rhinoplasties.[4]

On 16 August 2018, Alves appeared on the UK television show Celebrity Big Brother as a celebrity housemate. After using the racial slur "nigger" in a conversation over the type of sexual partner she preferred, Alves was given a "final warning" by producers, that if she repeated the language she would be evicted from the house. The incident garnered over 1,000 complaints to regulator OfCom.[7] After a further incident, Alves was expelled from the show in the early hours of the morning on the tenth day.[8][9]

In March 2019, Alves released a song with Italian plastic surgeon Giacomo Urtis called "Plastic World".

On 4 January 2020, Alves came out as transgender after three months of living in privacy.[10]


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